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1.5 Coarse Undyed Naturals - 088 -- Restoration Yarns

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The 1.5 style of Restoration Yarns is an 840 ypp (yards per pound) Aran weight single yarn made from Navajo Churro and natural color Rambouillet wool. It has a lighter twist than the .86 type yarn, which is also made from Navajo Churro and Rambouillet wool.

Being double-coated, like Icelandic and Shetland sheep, Navajo Churro produces a durable and insulating yarn for knitting. Blanket weavers have found that the 1.5 has a softer hand feel than the .86 yarn. Rug restorers like that it can be used as-is, opened for better coverage, or tightened for finer rugs. Some Diné weavers have found that they can create more intricate and contemporary designs using the 1.5 yarn than they can using the .86.

Skeins of 1.5 yarn weigh approximately 1/4 pound / 113 grams and are 210 yards/190 meters in length.