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100% Silk Silk Super Fine Galaxy 3.5 oz (Undyed)

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Key Details:

Material: Silk

Yarn Length: 400 Meters

Ply Count: 8 Ply

Yarn Weight: 3.5 oz

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Experience the luxurious feel of our 100% Silk Silk Super Fine Galaxy 3.5 oz (Undyed). Made from super fine 8 ply silk, it is perfect for a variety of use cases. Get creative with this undyed silk, or easily dye it to your desired color. A must-have for any lover of fine fabrics.

Use Cases:

  • Hand Dyeing Projects: Create custom-colored silk scarves using natural or synthetic dyes for unique, personalized accessories.
  • Luxury Clothing: Design and sew elegant blouses, dresses, or skirts that offer a soft, luxurious feel against the skin.
  • Fine Embroidery: Use for delicate embroidery projects, such as monogrammed handkerchiefs or intricate wall hangings.
  • Knitting and Crochet: Create lightweight shawls, wraps, and lacework with the super fine silk yarn.
  • Quilting and Appliqué: Incorporate silk into quilts or use it for appliqué to add a luxurious touch to your projects.
  • Weaving: Weave intricate patterns or simple textiles using this fine silk yarn for art pieces or practical items.

Material - 100% Silk 
Weight - 3.5 oz (approx)
Weight - 8 ply
Actual Length - 400 meters (approx)

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