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Speedball Metal Pen Nibs - Type A

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Speedball Metal Pen Nibs - Type A are a versatile and dependable tool designed to cater to the unique demands of rug touch-ups with ink. These high-quality metal pen nibs feature a square, raised design that allows for exceptional precision and control when working on complex rug patterns and details, ensuring your rugs maintain their original charm and vibrancy.

Constructed from durable metal, Type A nibs are characterized by their square, raised tip that enables smooth and consistent ink flow. This design not only allows the nib to glide effortlessly over your rug's surface but also makes it easy to create varying line widths and styles, accommodating a diverse range of rug designs and textures.

Compatible with a wide array of ink types and colors, these nibs are suitable for any rug material and design, ensuring a flawless match for your rug touch-up requirements. When used with the appropriate rug inks, these nibs can deliver professional-quality results, revitalizing the appearance and color of your rugs.

Whether you're a professional rug restorer or a dedicated rug owner, Speedball Metal Pen Nibs - Type A provide an invaluable tool for preserving your rugs' aesthetics and longevity. Invest in these reliable and adaptable pen nibs to confidently tackle rug touch-up projects, ensuring your rugs remain stunning and eye-catching for years to come.