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Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks

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Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks are expertly designed, handmade tools that cater to the specific needs of rug-making artisans. Combining functionality and durability, these hooks are an essential addition to any rug weaver's toolkit, helping to create beautiful and intricate rugs with ease.

Featuring a sturdy metal hook and a comfortable wooden handle, Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks offer a perfect balance of strength and user comfort.

The metal hooks provide excellent grip and control, ensuring precise placement of yarn, while the wooden handle offers a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue during extended periods of use.

Available in two sizes, fine and standard, these Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks cater to a variety of rug-making needs. The fine hook is ideal for working with delicate yarns and intricate patterns, while the standard hook is suitable for handling thicker yarns and more robust rug designs.

As handmade tools, Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks showcase a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that ensures high-quality performance and reliability. These hooks are not only designed to make the rug-making process more efficient but also to help create consistently beautiful and professional results.

Push-Back Rug Backing Hooks are indispensable tools for rug-making artisans, offering exceptional precision, durability, and ease of use. With their expertly crafted metal hooks and comfortable wooden handles, these handmade hooks are the perfect choice for creating stunning and intricate rugs.