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Peacocolor™ Ink - White 181

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Peacocolor™ Ink - White 181

Introducing Peacocolor Ink, a remarkable and versatile ink specially crafted in-house for all your artistic needs. This 8 oz. bottle of ink is a true gem, carefully formulated to deliver exceptional performance and vibrant results. With a wide range of 25 captivating colors, Peacocolor Ink is perfect for various artistic purposes, including rug touch-ups, painting, and more.

Each bottle of Peacocolor Ink is meticulously created to ensure consistency and quality. The ink is designed to flow smoothly, allowing for effortless application on rugs or any other artistic medium. Whether you're enhancing the colors of a rug or embarking on a painting project, Peacocolor Ink will bring your vision to life with its rich pigments and bold hues.

Peacocolor Ink's versatile nature makes it a valuable tool for artists and crafters alike. Its quick-drying formula ensures minimal waiting time between layers, enabling you to work efficiently and achieve stunning results. Additionally, this ink is compatible with a variety of artistic techniques, such as brushwork, airbrushing, or even fine detail work using pens.

With its generous 8 oz. size, Peacocolor Ink provides an ample supply for your creative endeavors. The wide spectrum of 25 colors offers an abundance of choices, allowing you to express your artistic vision with precision and creativity. From vibrant primaries to subtle pastels and earthy tones, Peacocolor Ink provides endless possibilities to explore and create.

This shade is Peacocolor™ Ink - White 181