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Peacocolor™ Ink - Black #1684

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Our house brand. Peacocolor inks are cold process water based dyes that are mixable to achieve virtually any desired shade and saturation.

Directions for Direct Application of Peacocolor Ink (Printing, Painting or Direct Tie-Dye) on Cotton, Rayon, Silk & Wool:

  1. When ready to apply add baking soda to desired ink quantity or prep area with soda ash water mixture - 1 Teaspoon per cup. Apply to cloth with a brush, squeeze bottle, sponge, or any desired method.
  2. Keep the piece covered with plastic in order to prevent and slow down drying. The piece should be kept damp for at least 24 hours in order to allow the dye to react and bond to the fiber. Then remove the cover and allow the air to dry completely.
  3. When dry, proceed to heat-set the piece. This is done by ironing, steaming, baking in an oven at 285°F for 5 minutes or in a hot clothes dryer for 1 hour.
  4. Wash the fabric in cold water. Then wash in very hot water using soap or detergent. Followed by a third and final rinsing. All of the excess dye should be removed. The material is machine washable. Do not use bleach.