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Oster® Clipmaster® Variable Speed Clipping Machine

by Oster
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EW 610 "Clipmaster" Shearing Machine

With surgical bottom blade for close shearing of rug pile.

Variable speed for added control

Free tool box included

The Oster® Clipmaster® Variable Speed Clipping Machine is a robust, professional-grade grooming tool designed to handle a wide range of grooming tasks for various animals, including horses, cattle, dogs, and more.

This powerful clipping machine boasts a variable speed motor that allows users to easily adjust the cutting speed according to their specific grooming requirements.

Featuring a range of speeds from 700 to 3,000 strokes per minute, the Clipmaster® offers exceptional flexibility, enabling users to seamlessly switch between delicate areas and thick, matted fur. The high-quality, heavy-duty motor ensures consistent power and reliable performance, even during extended grooming sessions.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, the Oster® Clipmaster® Variable Speed Clipping Machine has a contoured, textured body that provides a secure grip and reduces hand fatigue.

The unit's detachable blade system allows for quick and effortless blade changes, making it easy to maintain a hygienic and efficient grooming environment.

The Oster® Clipmaster® Variable Speed Clipping Machine comes equipped with a durable, titanium-coated Cryogen-X™ blade, which offers superior cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness.

This high-quality clipping machine is a must-have for professional groomers, veterinarians, and animal care specialists who demand reliability, versatility, and exceptional results.