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Oster® Clipmaster® Top Blade Model 83AU

by Oster
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The Oster® Clipmaster® Top Blade Model 83AU is a high-quality, precision-crafted replacement blade designed for use with the renowned Oster® Clipmaster® clippers. Known for their durability and cutting-edge performance, these top blades are the perfect choice for professional groomers, animal caretakers, and DIY enthusiasts looking for reliable, efficient shearing and trimming results.

Constructed from premium materials, the Model 83AU top blade boasts exceptional sharpness and longevity, ensuring that it maintains its cutting edge even after extended use. Its innovative design allows for easy installation and removal, making it convenient to switch out blades as needed or to clean and maintain your Clipmaster® clippers.

Compatible with a variety of animal hair types, this top blade is versatile and adaptable, making it the ideal solution for grooming horses, cattle, sheep, and other livestock. Its smooth cutting action minimizes the risk of injury and ensures a comfortable grooming experience for both the animal and the handler.

The Oster® Clipmaster® Top Blade Model 83AU is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering professional-grade grooming solutions that are both efficient and reliable. By choosing this top blade for your Clipmaster® clippers, you can rest assured that you are investing in a product that will stand the test of time and deliver exceptional results with every use.

All of Oster® blades are put through a 12 step process guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship. We start with a fine-grain carbon steel that is heat treated to create a hard surface for greater wear resistance, leveraging a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 62. Our patented Cryogen-X™ process takes the blades down to a -300 degrees for a deep freeze, producing a harder, sharper blade which extends the product life. Each blade is then hand lapped for a smooth cut finish.
Used for standard body clipping

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