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Appletons English Tapestry Wool Bundle - "Roy Lichtenstein, Turkey"

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This is a collection of Tapestry Appletons Wool yarn (1 oz. hanks) 

"Turkey, 1961" by Roy Lichtenstein is a distinctive piece of art that reflects the artist's famous pop art style. Lichtenstein, known for his comic strip-inspired works, often employed a palette of bright, bold colors and a technique that mimicked the Ben-Day dots printing process. This painting, featuring a stylized depiction of a turkey, is characterized by its use of primary colors and black outlines, creating a striking visual impact.

Paired with Appletons Tapestry Wool, the artwork inspires a fascinating blend of traditional craft and modern art. The wool yarn, carefully matched to the painting's colors, offers a tactile and versatile medium for artistic expression. This juxtaposition of a modern art piece with the classic medium of needlepoint creates an intriguing dialogue between different artistic forms and eras.