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Un-dyed 100% Linen Yarn

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Elevate your crafting with HM Nabavian's 100% Un-dyed Linen Yarn, a testament to purity and quality. This yarn, untouched by dyes, offers a natural, rustic charm, perfect for various projects, from knitting and weaving to crochet. The un-dyed linen boasts a classic texture, enhancing the tactile experience of each creation. Ideal for both dyeing enthusiasts and those who prefer the understated beauty of natural fibers, this yarn provides versatility and sustainability in every skein. Its breathable nature makes it suitable for year-round projects, ensuring your creations are not only beautiful but also practical. Experience the organic appeal of our 100% un-dyed linen yarn, a choice that reflects your commitment to quality and natural beauty.

Material - 100% Natural Linen
Count - 2/7.5 (Linen count)
Ply - 2ply 
Weight - 650 grams (approx)
Length - 3,220 yards (approx)