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Fringe Bleach

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Elevate your rug care routine with Fringe Bleach, the definitive solution for preserving the elegance of your oriental rug fringes. The specialized formula is meticulously designed to address common fringe issues with precision and care.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Browning Treatment: Effectively remedies browning on cotton fringes, ensuring your rug's edges are crisp and clean.
  • Color Bleed Prevention: Safeguards your rug's intricate patterns and hues from the risks of color bleed.
  • Balanced pH Formula: Maintains a gentle pH of 6.0, perfect for delicate fringe fibers.
  • Odorless Application: Enjoy a fresh, clean treatment without any overpowering chemical smells.
  • Oxygen-Releasing Bleaching: Delivers a thorough cleaning action while being gentle on your cherished textiles.

Preserve the intricate beauty and pristine condition of your oriental rugs with Fringe Bleach, your trusted partner in specialized fabric care.

Product SDS

WARNING: Use on colors at your own risk. The manufacturer will not assume responsibility for bleaching of colors. Do not mix or add to any material except water.
Do not use on furniture.

Depending on the severity of browning, mix 1/2 -1 scoop of Fringe Bleach in 1 quart of water. Apply with a soft spotting brush to browned cotton fringes on oriental rugs.
After desired whiteness occurs, rinse with water and dry rug flat.

This product will bleach out color on most fabrics.

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